CALI DIARY: Hollywood Blvd.



English: A Universe of Cinema, Celebrity, Glamor and Opportunities. The famous city of Hollywood is like a huge set for the entertainment world, and there’s nothing better than taking a vacation to this beautiful part of the country!

My best friend, Stephen Hands and I decided to take a break from our education at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida to finally check out the New York Film Academy, the acting school I was planning on going to after graduation, right in front of Warner Bros. Studio located in Burbank, California. We wanted to play the part of tourist during our vacation, but instead we ended up meeting amazing people who changed the course of our visit. It may sound silly, but as soon as I landed at the Los Angeles International Airport, the first thing that came to my mind was the song by Miley Cyrus, “I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.” Hahaha, it was just something magical about the city, you’ve seen all of these things on T.V when you’re growing up, and then you’re finally there, taking it all in for the first time! There was nothing better than taking a vacation in the city that captivated me as a kid and continues to do so now, it was beautiful, truly wonderful!

My first stop was Hollywood Boulevard, better known as the famous Walk of Fame where the most outstanding personalities of film, T.V, and music are honored. There are over 5 miles of sidewalk showcasing the name’s of stars, and I had the chance to take pictures alongside stars such as Walt Disney, Betty White, and Cameron Diaz. I also had the opportunity to go into The Hollywood Wax museum, souvenir shops, and the famous Kodak Theatre where the Oscars are presented! It was so much fun, but the one thing that stopped me in my tracks were two singers, Chris Taylor and Coleman Stegall. They were singing with a bunch of people around them, and I was lucky enough to have them sing to me on the Walk of Fame, I had a huge smile on my face the whole time, I couldn’t contain myself!

Português: Um universo de cinema, celebridades, oportunidades e glamour. A tão famosa cidade Hollywood é um grande cenário de muitos filmes e séries que a gente tanto ama e nada melhor do que tirar férias e visitar este lugar maravilhoso.

Pode até parecer engraçado, mas assim que desembarquei no Aeroporto Internacional de Los Angeles (LAX), a primeira coisa que me veio à cabeça foi a música, “I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan”, da Miley Cyrus rss. Eu e o meu melhor amigo Stephen Hands resolvemos dar um “break” na universidade aqui em Orlando (Full Sail University) para conhecer a universidade New York Film Academy, uma escolar de cinema localizada em Burbank. Ela fica logo à frente da Warner Bros. Studios. Caminhei na cidade sem saber que conheceria pessoas maravilhosas, que me levariam a mudar meu roteiro.
Minha primeira parada foi em Hollywood Boulevard, onde fica a tão famosa “Calçada da Fama”. Ela é onde as personalidades mais marcantes do cinema, da TV e da música são homenageadas. São mais de 5 quilômetros de calçadas, com estrelas nos pisos. Lá também, tive a oportunidade de visitar lojinhas de souvenir, o Hollywood Wax Museum e o famoso Kodak Theatre, onde é realizado o Oscar! A rua é lotada de turistas e pessoas talentosas. Tive também a honra de ser homenageada por dois cantores americanos, Chris Taylor e Coleman Stegall. Esse tipo de coisa so acontece em Hollywood mesmo não eh?! Rs










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